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What is Threads: The New Social Media Platform explained (2024)

With the recent controversies surrounding Twitter (X), Metas’ Mark Zuckerberg has decided to take measures into his own hands. 

Introducing Threads, an Instagram-linked new social media platform meant to act as a friendly competitor to Twitter.

Threads is a project developed by the Instagram team. It is an app meant to serve as a platform to hold real-time conversations while challenging the market dominance of Twitter.

With its announcement being only a day old, the app has managed to garner the attention of millions of new users who have already, on its first day, signed up to use the app!

Mark Zuckerberg has said the main takeaway should not be viewing the platform as a rival but as a friendly competitor. Hinting at the friendly competition as the primary source of success for the platform.

Thread consists of different approaches to problems that were common on Twitter. Let’s dive deeper and try to understand what Threads is all about. 

What is Threads: Metas New Social Media Platform?

As we mentioned before, Threads is a real-time conversation platform created to allow users to communicate more efficiently.

The idea of the platform is to build upon the high-roller Twitter and offer a fresh new place where users can express themselves, communicate, and share their opinions and thoughts.

The Threads app is not a new idea. Meta has frequently teased it for a long time. Therefore, there is significant hype around the platform. As a result, its success from day one comes as no surprise.

Time and accessibility are everything in today’s digital world. Meta, the creator of Threads, knows this and has made the app registration process very simple. The simplicity is meant to help users quickly sign up for the platform. 

The registration process is simple: you can register by linking your Instagram profile. 

In a sense, it is very similar to Twitter, with a few features that aim to improve the user’s experience.

When Twitter users sign up to use the platform, they will immediately notice the similarities in the design and layout. 

It almost feels like they shouldn’t be allowed to create this platform. However, once we get over the initial impressions, you realize that the platform is not that similar after all. 

Additions and Benefits of the New Threads App

Don’t let the similarities of the Threads app fool you. While the design and concept are similar, the app offers many different features and benefits compared to Twitter.

Let’s take a look at some of them.  

  1. Increased Post Capacity

While Twitter offers its users 280 characters per Tweet, the new Threads app will offer users 500 characters increase.

Of course, there is an exception for users who have subscribed to Twitter’s Blue Tick service.

Thin in itself is an exciting approach to an overdue problem. 

However, increasing the character limit might also detract from the natural feel that Twitter users are accustomed to. 

Whether this was, a good or bad decision by Threads remains to be seen.

  1. Longer Video Leangh

Traditionally Twitter has offered only 2 minutes and 20 seconds per video as the maximum capacity on the platform. It is important to note that this is false for Twitter’s paid-for Blue Tick users.

Interestingly, Threads has decided to double the video length a user can post. The length per video on Threads is nearly 5 minutes. 

Ever since Twitter’s existence, this has been a highly sought-after feature. It will be interesting to see the effects of this decision.

  1. Verification of Account Through Instagram

For users who want to have a verified account, the process is done entirely through Instagram’s verification service, and as a consequence, the two profiles are connected. 

When users create a Threads profile connected to their Instagram profile, if they are verified on Instagram, they get the same blue tick on Threads. 

  1. Simplicity, Transition, and Connectability

When you remember that this is not a new app, it isn’t created from nothing, understanding its immediate success is much easier. 

The Threads app is directly connected to Instagram. When creating a Threads account, you make use of your Instagram account. 

This means that the promoted millions of Threads users that have appeared from the launch of the app are likely real. 

Even some people who have started using the new app have said that the number of Threads users on the conversation app might not be an exaggeration.  

Limitations and Concerns of the Threads App

While there are several advantages and benefits, the new app is far from perfect. 

  1. Literally a Public Conversation Platform

For starters, the new app is marketed as a public conversation platform, so much so that the option for direct messaging is entirely non-existent.

This can be seen as a significant drawback for the platform until you realize that the Instagram Threads app would become its own competitor if there were a direct messaging option. 

Apart from removing direct messaging, the new Threads app has also removed some other notable features that are standard in Twitter. 

  1. Hashtags are Gone

The lack of hashtags is one restriction of Threads, the new social media platform. Threads do not currently allow hashtags, unlike Twitter, where they play an essential role in organizing and discovering information. 

Hashtags allow users to easily engage in discussions and follow relevant conversations by categorizing and searching for specific topics or trends. 

Finding and participating in specific subjects or trends on Threads may be more difficult without hashtags. It remains to be seen whether Meta will implement a comparable functionality in the future to improve content discoverability on Threads.

  1. What’s Trending?

One of its limitations is the lack of a “Trending” function on Threads, the new social networking site. 

Threads, unlike Twitter, does not have a dedicated tab for displaying popular topics or conversations. This can be detrimental to the platform, particularly for users who rely on trending messages to stay informed and engaged with current events or famous debates.

The lack of a trending tab on Threads may hinder users’ ability to discover fresh and relevant real-time conversations. As a result, users may have to rely primarily on content posted by accounts they follow or recommended content, resulting in a less dynamic and engaging user experience.

Twitter’s trending tab, on the other hand, allows users to rapidly find and join popular conversations, making it a valuable tool for discovering trending topics and events.

  1. No Editing Messages

One significant restriction of Threads is the inability to edit messages after posting them. While this feature can be good or bad, it changes the perspective of Threads as a Twitter competitor by leveling the playing field.

On the one hand, the lack of modifying messages encourages authenticity and real-time discussions on Threads. 

Threads seek to preserve the integrity of discussions by preserving the original text and preventing any message tampering or misrepresentation.

On the other hand, the inability to edit messages can be considered a disadvantage for users who may make mistakes or typos in their posts. 

Unlike sites that allow editing, such as Facebook and Instagram (with specific constraints), Threads does not allow post-publication edits. 

Building Upon the Instagram Experience

In the words of Mark Zuckerberg, as a social network, Threads is the direct result of Metas striving to take what Instagram is best at and add upon it. 

Through Threads, Meta creates a new space for sharing text, giving ideas, and sharing what’s on your mind. 

Zuckerberg also noted the potential success of the company as a Twitter rival. 

He states his ambitions by saying that the goal of this new social media since its launch date was to improve the Twitter experience.

With high hopes for the new platform, Zuckerberg noted that from its initial success on the apple app store and the google play store, with some work, the application will reach one billion users. 

On the application’s description page, both on the app store and google play store, the application is described as a place where communities can come together and discuss different topics. 

The public conversation platform aims to cater to everyone’s needs and promotes connecting creators with their audiences. 

Seeing your Instagram followers directly from the Threads app is just one of the ways the new Trends app is compatible with Instagram. 

The app also has options for customization and personalization of the content you can view as a threads user. 

In the settings menu, you can set all kinds of limitations based on words that you don’t want to have shown to you on the platform. This has many uses, from avoiding spoilers to some more personalized options.

The Meta and Twitter Rivalry 

Unsurprisingly, even after the so-called “friendly competition” has made people view Threads as a direct competitor of Twitter.

Competing in this highly profitable market is not new in the digital space, especially for the tech giants Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg.

Following Musk’s purchase of Twitter, he completely changed how the platform works, putting in a new management system, firing nearly 70% of the workforce, and changing the narrative of the platform with the addition of premium benefits. 

These decisions have been met with overwhelming criticism, which only damages the reputation of Twitter. 

It doesn’t help that as of the launch of Threads. Twitter has been experiencing different Availability issues. 

The rivalry between the companies has also created an event that is likely to happen, where the two giants get into the cage to settle the dispute like men, an exchange, which, funny enough, happened on Twitter. 

Concerts of Privacy and Data Collection

Safety and data collecting are significant concerns regarding the new social media site Threads. 

While Meta, the parent firm, promotes security and user controls, several characteristics could be red flags for users.

One significant issue is the obligation to remove the related Instagram account before deleting a Threads account. This can be troublesome for those wishing to stop using Threads but keep their Instagram presence. It raises concerns about the connection between the two platforms and the level of control consumers have over their data.

Thread data collection procedures have also received notice. Threads capture a substantial amount of data, including personal and sensitive information such as health, financial, and browsing data, according to information supplied on the app store. The amount of collected data raises worries regarding user privacy and how data could be used.

Users should exercise caution and be completely aware of the data they provide and the potential consequences. 

Before using Threads or any other social media site, it is critical to read and understand the privacy policy and terms of service. 

This will allow consumers to make more informed decisions about what information they want to share and their rights over their data.

To address these issues, Meta must be open about their data collection processes and provide consumers with solid privacy options and controls. 

Users should be able to manage their privacy options quickly, including the ability to limit the types of data gathered and shared. 

Clear instructions and enforcing community standards are critical to ensuring a secure and respectful user environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to Threads?

Logging in to Threads is a simple process that takes advantage of Instagram integration. 

Because the Instagram team created Threads, you may log in using your existing Instagram credentials. This integration provides a consistent experience by allowing you to keep your Instagram account and verification on Threads.

When you sign in to Threads with your Instagram account, your Instagram profile information is transferred to Threads. 

This contains your username, profile picture, and any other pertinent information. You may, however, edit your profile, particularly for Threads, allowing you to develop a distinct presence on the network.

You may quickly shift between the two platforms and connect with your existing Instagram friends and followers by logging in with your Instagram account. This integration improves the ease and streamlines the login procedure, sparing you the hassle of registering a separate Threads account.

Where can I download Threads?

Downloading Threads is straightforward, as the app is accessible on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Whether you have an iOS device or an Android device, you can easily find and install Threads by following these steps:

  • For iOS Users:
    1. Open the Apple App Store on your iPhone or iPad.
    2. Tap on the search icon located at the bottom of the screen.
    3. Type “Threads” in the search bar and press enter.
    4. Look for the Threads app in the search results.
    5. Tap the “Get” or “Download” button next to the Threads app.
    6. Authenticate using your Apple ID credentials, if required.
    7. Wait for the app to download and install on your device.
    8. Once installed, you can find the Threads app on your home screen or in the library.
  • For Android Users:
    1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone or tablet.
    2. Tap on the search bar at the top of the screen.
    3. Enter “Threads” in the search field and tap the search icon.
    4. Locate the Threads app in the search results.
    5. Tap the “Install” button to initiate the download and installation process.
    6. Grant any necessary permissions requested by the app.
    7. Wait for the app to download and install on your device.
    8. Once installed, you can access the Threads app from your app drawer or home screen.

Can I share more than just text on Threads?

Threads give you the option to exchange more than simply text. The app understands the importance of visual content and supports various media formats. You can share links that will take users to other websites or resources linked to your topic. You can use this tool to give context or to share intriguing articles, movies, or other internet stuff.

The new app Threads also allows you to upload and share photographs, which helps you to improve your contributions visually. 

The platform gives a venue for creative expression, whether recording a moment, sharing an image that matches your text, or expressing yourself through visual art.

Threads enable video material in addition to photographs. 

Videos of up to 5 minutes can be uploaded, providing more immersive storytelling and intriguing video-based material. This tool is beneficial for sharing vlogs, tutorials, interviews, or any other video content with your audience.

Are Threads compatible with other social media platforms?

Threads, Meta’s new social media network, intends to be compatible with the ActivityPub protocol. 

This compatibility would allow integration with other social media programs implementing the ActivityPub protocol, such as Mastodon and WordPress.

Users on Threads will be able to interact and engage with users on these other platforms and vice versa, enabling a more diversified and integrated online experience. 

It would eliminate the barriers constraining users to a single platform, allowing for seamless conversation and content sharing across many apps.

Threads’ adoption of the ActivityPub protocol intends to usher in a new era of social networking in which users may connect, follow, and interact with persons across several compatible platforms without needing separate accounts on each. 

This shift toward interoperability allows users to select platforms that reflect their choices and values while broadening their reach and engaging with a larger audience.


In conclusion, Threads, Meta’s new social media network, intends to create a real-time conversation space while challenging Twitter’s supremacy. 

The app has already gained notice and hype, with millions signing up on its first day.

It provides enhanced post capacity, longer video duration, and Instagram account verification. However, it has restrictions, such as the lack of hashtags and a trending tab and the inability to edit messages. 

Concerns about safety and data collection are also expressed, asking consumers to study privacy policies. Despite being seen as a competitor to Twitter, Mark Zuckerberg emphasizes friendly competition and capitalizing on Instagram’s capabilities. The battle between Meta and Twitter heightens the level of excitement in the digital arena. 

Overall, Threads provides a novel approach to real-time interactions while offering users a combination of benefits and drawbacks to consider.

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