How to Fix: Instagram Not Sending Security Code

Instagram has boosted its security methods in order to keep users’ accounts secure and safe from any attempts to gather information or hack into accounts. That includes two-step authentication methods, and while this is great for security, sometimes it doesn’t work. 

In order for Instagram to implement their two-step authentication process, you have to receive a security code and enter that code if you want to log into Instagram. Some Instagram users have complained that they have issues with Instagram not sending security code and it can be frustrating if you’re trying to access your account. 

Even though it may require some patience and trial and error, there are some ways you can fix Instagram not sending security code. If you get stuck and can’t log in, don’t give up— we’ve got solutions for you in this post. 

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Let’s get started! 

Instagram Not Sending SMS Code

If you are trying to log into Instagram and you don’t receive the SMS code, you can try the following: 

  1. Check the phone number registered to your Instagram account.
    1. To check your phone number, go to Profile > Edit Profile > Your Information > Phone Number 
  2. Switch your device on and off to reset it
  3. Wait a few hours and try again 
  4. Try another verification method, such as receiving a code through email 
  5. Change the phone number to a different one on your Instagram account
  6. Try using a VPN 

These are the best things you can do if you’re not receiving SMS verification code on Instagram. If you have further problems, you can contact the Instagram help center

Instagram Not Sending Email Code

Other times, you may receive a verification code for Instagram via email. If you’re having trouble, go through the following steps to make sure that you are doing everything right, and if you still have trouble, see step 7. 

1. Type Your Email Correctly 

Sometimes you may find that you’ve incorrectly entered your email address, or haven’t updated your contact information to reflect your current email address. Typos such as “gamil” instead of “gmail” won’t be auto-corrected by Instagram, so that can impede you from getting access. 

You may also be able to troubleshoot via a linked Facebook account to gain access. If you don’t have a linked phone number, Facebook account, and can’t edit your email address to make sure it’s correct, proceed to step 7. You won’t be able to fix Instagram not sending security code any other way. 

2. Check Your Spam Folder 

Spam Folder 

When you know your email is correct but simply haven’t received the code, make sure to double check in your spam folder. Since you don’t frequently receive emails from Instagram, that may have flagged a spam tag and sent it to the spam section. If it’s there, you can mark it as not spam and move it to your inbox. Also confirm your email settings and that you haven’t unintentionally removed receiving emails from Instagram. 

3. Wait for A Few Hours and Try Again 

Sometimes Instagram may be having an issue on their end, or the signal wasn’t strong enough to receive your email; perhaps it got delayed for some reason. Some Instagram users report that after waiting, it can fix Instagram not sending security code and they were able to access the account. If that doesn’t work, keep going to step 4. 

4. Use a VPN 

If your IP address happens to find itself on the Instagram blacklist, preventing you from logging in, you can use a VPN to change the IP address and regain access. You could also try using another computer to do this as well. Instagram users, especially those abroad, have said that a VPN was able to solve their issue. 

5. Use a Private or Incognito Window 

Incognito Window 

When trying to log into Instagram through a browser window, you can use a private or incognito window. It can help to give you a fresh start that doesn’t include previous cache or cookies that may be blocking the receipt of the Instagram security code. You may have better luck if you give it a shot. It can also be done on mobile Chrome browsers. 

6. Try a Different Verification Mode 

Having an issue logging into your Instagram account can be disheartening, but there are some other ways. Instagram is linked to Facebook, since both services are under the same parent company: Meta. To continue, you can Log In with Facebook. This allows you to gain access to Instagram through a linked Facebook account. 

 Log In with Facebook

If you hadn’t linked your Facebook and Instagram account, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to use this method. Once you regain access to your Instagram account, we highly recommend linking them; if you forget your password or have trouble logging in at some point in the future, this is typically the easiest solution. 

7. Contact Instagram Support 

Instagram Support 

If you’ve tried all of the above solutions in an attempt to fix Instagram not sending security code to no avail, you’ll need to contact Instagram support. You can browse their help center, searching for articles with keywords such as “I can’t log into Instagram,” and you may find something that works. 

If not, the other option is to contact Instagram directly. It’s not as easy to contact Instagram if you’re having trouble, so try to exhaust all of your options and really take advantage of the help center to find similar situations and resolve your issue. 

Final Thoughts: Instagram Not Sending Security Code 

To summarize the solutions for Instagram not sending security code, here’s a recap: 

  1. Check that you typed your email address correctly 
  2. Check you spam email folder 
  3. Try again after waiting a few hours 
  4. Change your IP address by using a VPN or different computer 
  5. Use a connected Facebook account to recover access to your Instagram 
  6. Open a private or incognito browser window
  7. Use the Instagram Help center or contact Instagram directly if possible 

We hope these solutions were able to help you fix Instagram not sending security code. Growthoid can also help you troubleshoot this when you’re using our services, so try us out with a free trial today! 

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