How to Use Instagram Creator Studio Guide: For Influencers

There are plenty of tools out there to help you with your Instagram performance, but did you know that one of the most useful comes from Facebook and Instagram themselves? 

Instagram has three different types of accounts that a user can have: personal, business, and creator. While the latter 2 options weren’t available at first, they’re booming with the current landscape of Instagram.

If you’re working on monetizing your Instagram, boosting your business, or creating content as an influencer, you should definitely have either a business or creator account so that you have access to Instagram’s analytics data, called Instagram analytics. 

There’s also a tool at your disposal called Instagram Creator Studio, which if you haven’t already, you should start taking advantage of it. It will give you a much easier way to check out your audience and make sure that you’re maximizing your Instagram performance. 

In this guide, we’ll give you the breakdown on what Instagram Creator Studio is, notable features, and how to access it. 

Let’s go! 

What is Instagram Creator Studio? 

Instagram initially only allowed creator accounts to access the Instagram Creator Studio, but with the popularity of businesses on the platform, both types of accounts can now access it. 

Instagram Creator Studio is a dashboard available to these professional accounts to help them manage their account and gain insight on their performance; both Facebook and Instagram dashboards are available in one place. 

It was first only available as a test to users with 10k+ followers, but the great news is that anyone can now access it! So whether you’re a developing influencer or an influencer with a larger following, you can take advantage of this tool. 

You will have access to things like flexible profile controls, manage, measure, post, and monetize your content on your Instagram account, as well as use streamlined messaging via the dashboard. 

If you also have a Facebook page, you can access similar controls from the dashboard, toggling quickly back and forth between Instagram and Facebook through the icons at the top of the page. 

Since Instagram and Facebook are heavily integrated, this is just another pro of using the Instagram Creator Studio. 

Features of Instagram Creator Accounts 

You may be wondering what the difference is between business Instagram accounts and creator Instagram accounts. While both are now able to use Instagram Creator Studio, the Instagram creator account was built with influencers and content creators in mind. 

With its features, it’s much easier for influencers and content creators to use, analyze, and monetize their Instagram platform. Instagram was well aware that influencer marketing wasn’t going anywhere, so they did their part to evaluate and understand what a creator account might need. 

The influencer account will help content creators to have a more specific description of their profile in their bio and can also give insights to their audience that they otherwise wouldn’t have. Business profiles are designed for those who already have a business and sell products; creator accounts are built for content creators.

Let’s take a look at what Instagram Creator Studio can do for you! 

How to Use Instagram Creator Studio: Features 

Here we’re going to break down 10 of the top features of IG Creator Studio so you can harness its power and use it to make your workflow much more streamlined!  

Increased Growth Tools 

If you’re an influencer, it’s no secret that you’re actively trying to increase your following and get your content out to more people. With Instagram being the hub for influencers, it’s no shocker that the creator profile and Instagram Creator Studio was designed for all things Instagram analytics. 

Instagram insights does offer you information about your content impressions, reach, audience, new follows/unfollows, and more, but Instagram Creator Studio takes it to the next level. 

Within the dashboard, you’ll be able to see a wide range of analytics in graph form, which makes it much easier to absorb and understand the information and then take action based on what you see. 

You’ll have access to daily, weekly, and monthly data that includes various Instagram content times such as IGTV, stories, as well as posts. 

The best thing is that Instagram Creator Studio can be accessed via desktop directly at no cost. You won’t have to pay for a third party service in order to have access to desktop analytics and charts. 



The landing page for Instagram Creator Studio is the Content Library tab where you can see all of your content, when it was published, how many likes it got, and how many comments. It will tell you the status of the post: published, scheduled, draft, or archived. You can also view all so that you see content regardless of status. 

You can view all content types together, or you can view them by type, including video, photo, carousel, stories, and IGTV. 

You can also choose the date range, and they give you many options: 

  • Last 7 days
  • Last 14 days
  • Last 28 days 
  • Last 90 days
  • This month 
  • Last quarter
  • All time 
  • Custom 

As you can see, you’ll be able to view and understand your content and content types with a great snapshot that can be tailored to your liking. It’s extremely useful and can help you to understand what types of content performs best, what types you use the most, and more. 

When you click on a piece of content, you will see more details about this post. You will see how it appears on Instagram alongside analytics, including: 

  • Interactions (actions taken from the post) 
  • Profile visits
  • Follows 
  • Reach + what percentage weren’t following you 
  • Impressions
  • Where people saw this content: from home, from location, from profile, or from other 
  • Engagements: likes, comments, shares, and saves 

You can also filter based on keywords and search for particular content. The content library is a valuable way to understand exactly how your content is performing and what steps you can take to make it even more effective. 



Below the content library, you’ll see the calendar tab, and then you’ll see the Insights tab. You’ll have two tabs: activity, and audience. 

Audience insights on Instagram Creator Studio are also extremely beneficial. You’ll see different analytics about your audience, including: 

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location (both countries and cities) 
  • Active times

This can help you make pivotal decisions about how to create your content for the majority of your follower base as well as what content posting times would be most effective and get your content seen and engaged with as soon as it’s posted. You can view this information for either the past 7 days, or past 30 days. 

On the Activity tab, you’ll see how people interact with your content, including actions taken on your account including: 

  • Website visits
  • Profile visits
  • Texts
  • Emails
  • Calls
  • Get directions 

These other options are from the call-to-action tabs available to business and creator accounts on IG. if you don’t have any CTA buttons, it will obviously be 0. 

You can view activity for the same time frame as the audience insights; 7 days or 30 days. 



On the Activity tab, you will be able to clearly see how your content is performing in terms of follower growth and retention. You can view this from within Instagram insights but seeing the visuals to chart movement is valuable. 

It will show you the posts from previous days and you can see how people interacted with your content visually and also in more detail. 


While Instagram Creator Studio is pretty straightforward, it has some valuable features, and that includes the Monetization tab. On this tab, you’ll have access to a brand Collabs Manager which can help you to understand all of your different business relationships. 

This feature will only be available if your account meets some certain criteria, thought: 

  • Public and currently active
  • Professional account (either business or creator account) 
  • 10,000+ followers
  • In the last 60 days: engagement of at least 1k (combined likes and comments) or 100+ hours of watch time on original videos 
  • Home country based in the US 
  • No content violations in the past 

If you don’t meet the criteria yet, you can keep working to build your followers and engagement using an organic Instagram growth service like Growthoid. It’s worth working towards because you’ll then be discoverable by brands and advertisers looking to partner with influencers. 

Flexible Profile Control 

Instagram Creator Studio does more than analytics; you can also tailor how you manage your profile and how you can be contacted. 

You can designate your preferred method of contact on Creator and you can also use the platform to have more effective messaging. You can filter out irrelevant messages so that your focus remains on those that are more meaningful and pertinent to your platform. 

Simplified Messaging Functions 

Messaging Functions

You’ll be able to use filters for your direct messages that include distinguishing between general messages, to collaboration requests, or messages from followers, friends, or family. 

You can classify your messages into these different categories and then you can decide if you want to receive message notifications for general messages or not. 

IGTV Videos

You can create posts via Instagram Creator Studio, either in-feed posts or IGTV posts. There’s a green button in the upper left corner that says Create Post. 

For IGTV, simply upload your video to thes studio and add the required details: 

  • Title
  • Description
  • Cover image 

You can then share your IGTV with a minute-long preview to your IG page and also to your FB. Your post can be posted immediately and it can also be scheduled for a later time.  

Sound Collection 

Sound Collection

This feature is found in the Facebook section of Instagram Creator Studio under the menu option Creative Tools. You will see a list of available tracks and/or sound effects that you can download and then edit them into your video. 

You’ll download the tracks directly to your device and then mix them into your content using an editor. 

Linking Your Account to Instagram Creator Studio 

Instagram Creator Studio

If you have a business or professional account, it’s very simple to enter Instagram Creator Studio. 

Visit the Creator Studio website and from there you can log into Facebook and link your Instagram account. You should have both a Facebook and Instagram account in order for this to work, and your Instagram has to be attached to a Facebook page, otherwise, it will show an error message. 

If you receive an error message, visit your Instagram profile from mobile and click edit profile. From there, click the Page option and you can create a page to link your Instagram to. You can then gain access to your Instagram insights. 

If you already have a connected Facebook page, then you shouldn’t have any issues. 

Final Thoughts: Instagram Creator Studio 

Instagram professional accounts like Business and Creator have many available tools to help optimize their content production and get more Instagram followers and engagement. Instagram Creator Studio was designed for these profiles, and it’s completely free! 

Definitely take advantage of this platform if you’re serious about your content production and becoming a top-notch Instagram influencer. 

Have you used Instagram Creator Studio? What’s your favorite feature? If not, do you see yourself using it? Let us know in the comments! 

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