How to View Private Instagram Accounts in 2022 (Instant Hacks)

Instagram is one of the top five social networking sites of 2022 having approximately one billion active users per month.

It is an American site that is widely used by people for sharing stories mostly in the form of photos and videos. It helps people connect and bring the world closer together.

It is not only used by people to connect with their peers and family but also by businesses to promote their brands.

Some people use Instagram to collect information on people and businesses to grow connections and collect data for marketing

However, sometimes this may become difficult in case the accounts are set as private.

People with public accounts also have the option of customizing each post in terms of privacy, limiting access to everyone. Nevertheless, there are ways to get past this barrier.

So, the question that arises is: How to view private Instagram accounts?

How To View Private Instagram Accounts in 2022

There are various apps in the market that allow people to view both public and private accounts on Instagram anonymously.

One is not even required to log in or send a request to follow to do so.

People without a registered account on Instagram can also get access to Instagram accounts – be it private or public.

Let’s go ahead and see how to view private Instagram accounts using the top apps.

How To View Private Instagram Accounts in 2022: Top 7 Tools

There are many tools that can help view private Instagram accounts anonymously. Some of these third-party apps are more efficient and reliable than others.   

1. uMobix


Another way how to view private Instagram accounts is using uMobix. uMobix is recommended more to people who are parents.

It can help parents to keep track of their children’s activities on Instagram and their social circles while remaining anonymous. 

This may be important as, sometimes, children are unaware of the dangers of the online world.

Having anonymous access to their private Instagram account through Umobix can help parents to make sure that they remain safe online. 

The good thing about Umobix is that it can be used on multiple devices, including both Android and iOS devices, and for multiple platforms too.

Along with Instagram, other social media websites it covers include Facebook, Snapchat, and around 30 more.

It can provide access to all the information including outgoing and incoming calls, call duration, caller information, messages sent and received, messages deleted, posts shared privately, GPS location, and much more. 

Their plans are also prices reasonable when compared to other products that are doing the same job. They have different plans and one can opt for a plan within their specific budget.

The app does not provide a free trial but it comes with a free live demo that can give an idea of its features and how to work it. 

2. eyeZy


Another top tool that makes viewing private Instagram profiles easy is eyeZy.

This one is also targeted at parents and can help them make sure that their children are remaining safe in the online world of today. 

This tool is compatible with multiple devices, be it Android or iOS.

It can help monitor information anonymously on various platforms, especially Instagram. They also provide free 24/7 customer support available in multiple languages. 

Another feature that makes this app one of the top ones is it sends alerts if the person being monitored is doing something wrong.

One does not have to monitor online activity constantly due to the automatic alerts. All the accessed information is also synced with the cloud for easy access from anywhere around the world.

The app is also quite affordable when compared to others, and can be operated for less than a dollar a day.

There are various plans available to subscribe to so that one can choose according to their budget.

Before paying up and committing to the app, a person can take their free demo to understand what the app is capable of and how to use it.  

3. mSpy


Another great choice to get access to someone’s private Instagram profile is mSpy.

This one is again targeted for parental control over children under 18; however, it can be used by anyone looking for information on someone’s profile.

mSpy is also compatible with both iPhone and Android devices making the app accessible to a bigger group of people. 

By having access to private profiles, parents can use mSpy to protect children from cyberbullying, inappropriate content, and online predators.

It can not only be used to monitor Instagram activity but the general activity of people on their phones.

It also supports other highly used apps such as Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc. 

mSpy can monitor people’s posts on social media, their calls, messages, deleted messages, their location, and much more.

The information is updated every five minutes so that parents can always stay updated in regards to their children’s activities. 

The mSpy account is free and easy to create. Upon creating an account, the app lays out a couple of subscription options to decide from.

One can choose the one best suited to their needs and budget. Their website does have a free demo.

The tool offers about 36 features to monitor and can be operated in 180 countries. They also provide 24/7 hour support to their clients. 

4. Glassagram


The best app and one of the most popular apps to carry out the job is Glassagram.

It is award-winning online software that provides people full access to the posts of any account without revealing their identity.

It is a safe and secure service to use and currently is supported by Android, iOS and desktop devices too.

By using Glassagram, one can have a look at all the posts including the comments and reactions made on them. It can also be used to view hidden stories of the person targeted.

This all can be done without the profile owner knowing that they were being watched. It

allows one to track a person by getting access to their Instagram location. This particular app also allows people access to the secret DMs of a profile!

Along with giving access to all the information, Glassagram is easy-to-use too and it offers quick installation. The sign-up is free and one can set it up within 5 minutes.

Upon signing up, there will be a few subscription options provided which one can choose depending on the budget.

The app offers 24/7 customer support to assist its clients in the best way possible at all times. 

The app is reasonably priced and costs less than many of its competitor products.

One can use the ‘try now’ option to scan a profile for free one time, after which an account needs to be made.

The longer one signs up for the service, the cheaper the service will become to use. 

Moreover, it provides real-time updates. These updates help update the data reports after every 5 minutes, ensuring that even the slightest detail of the profile in consideration does not get missed. 

5. PrivateInsta


This is another one of the online tools that actually work and is simple to use. It is a well-known app used by many for viewing restricted profiles on Instagram

PrivateInsta is easily accessible as it is compatible with multiple systems including Android, Windows, and iOS.

One thing that makes PrivateInsta different is that people are not required to sign in to an account but they do have to answer a survey.

After submitting the survey, one can easily access anyone’s profile by entering the username or the targeted person.

However, the information accessed would be limited when compared to the apps that are paid.  

6. InstaLooker


This is another website that is easy to use and gives limited access to a private Instagram account. Like PrivateInsta, InstaLooker does not have to be downloaded.

One can just go to their website and enter the target’s user name to start viewing. The videos and photos accessed can also be exported to local storage. 

This would be another suitable option for those looking for some basic information regarding a private Instagram account.

Being free, it only provides access to the photos and videos posted by an account.

7. WatchInsta


This is an online website through which people can access some information posted on a particular private Instagram account.

It is a free to use website that allows access to photos, videos, or texts files of the targeted profile without having to log in to an account.

The accessed information can also be downloaded in .zip format. One just has to enter the username of the person to be monitored and press ‘view profile’.

Upon doing so, there will be few options to select from which one can choose what they want to view specifically.  

Private Accounts Vs. Public Accounts

The default settings on Instagram are always public but people can choose to make it private while setting up their accounts, or later on from settings.

The majority of accounts made on Instagram are kept private. Most people who are influencers or celebrities only keep their accounts open to the public.

Anyone on the internet can easily locate and access all the shared information on public accounts.

When accounts are made private, only the people who are accepted to follow that account by its user will be able to view the shared posts on it.

There are a few apps that can get past this limitation and allow access to private accounts anonymously and without getting accepted to follow.

How To Make An Account Private?

Anyone can make their profiles private. People who like privacy keep their accounts private and restrict access to it.

However, as mentioned before there are ways to get past the restrictions and access information of private profiles too.

For those who still want to keep their Instagram accounts private, there is a set of guidelines to follow.

  • Firstly, go to the Instagram app and log in.
  • Go to the profile by tapping on the profile icon which is usually located on the bottom right of the phone’s screen
  • There will be three lines usually on the top right corner of the screen next to your user name. Touch on it to see the options. Locate ‘settings’ and tap on it.
  •  From the ‘settings’ menu, select ‘privacy.’
  • Go to ‘account privacy’. In there, one will be able to check if their account is private or public by looking at the option labeled ‘Private account’. If the slider is on the left, it means that the account is public.  To make the profile private, one must slide it to the right. This will make the slider blue, indicating that the account has been shifted to private.

The account can be easily switched back to being public if desired by following the same steps.

Other Ways To Access Private Instagram Profiles

Some people wonder how to view private Instagram accounts without using third-party apps. There are a few ways in which they could do that. 

Send A Request

One can simply send a request to follow the private account on Instagram. The request could take a few days to get accepted depending on how often the user accesses their account.

Often, DM is the best option to reach a person as sometimes requests go unnoticed as there might be many others requesting to follow that particular account. 

However, there are times when requests are ignored on purpose. This is mostly true in the case of teenagers, who often like to keep their activities private from their parents.

Then people can either go for a suggested private Instagram viewer or an Instagram story viewer to access the desired information or try the other options in this list. 

Create A Fake Account For A Short Period Of Time

This particular option is not particularly recommended but is an option one could consider if needed direly.

However, for profile owners that are very cautious about whom they are letting in to view their profile, this might not be an effective option.

This is because such people only let in people they really know.

Also, keep in mind that fake accounts eventually do get recognized as fake and are reported and blocked. 

Check On Google Or Other Platforms

Upon searching Google for a particular profile, one might get access to anything that is public or was public at some point in time.

This is also a more ethical way than creating a fake profile. 

Most of the time people have accounts on more than one social media platform.

By doing a quick Google search, one can check if the particular person is available on platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

One might be able to get some of the desired information through these other accounts. 

Look Through A Friend’s Profile

If the person has mutual friends on Instagram then it might make things easier.

Parents looking to check the activity of their children can do so using other people’s account that has full access to their children’s profiles. 

Another way is to actually send the close friends of the targeted person a request to follow. Such friends could include those that usually hang out a lot with the targeted person.

If they accept the request then often one can get clues about the activities and whereabouts of their children by going through other people’s profiles.  

Few Reasons For Viewing Private Instagram Accounts Anonymously

There are three main reasons why people use apps to view private Instagram accounts while remaining anonymous. 

Parental Control And Children’s Safety

Children and teenagers under 18 are not fully aware of the dangers of the online world. They can trust people online easily which can lead them into danger.

Parents are able to keep their children safe by having access to their private profiles on Instagram and other information. 

Check On Your Partner

Sometimes, partners may be cheating on their better halves. Usually, people do get a hunch about it but they are not sure how to confirm if their partners are really not faithful.

Using private Instagram profile apps, one can get access to all the posts, messages, and calls of their partner to see if they really are at fault. 


Businesses like to collect information about their target audience so that they can market the product in the most efficient way.

The suggested third-party apps help businesses to collect relevant information and market the products accordingly to ensure success.

Some small businesses also like to keep a check on their competitors’ activities anonymously.

Concluding Thoughts

One should be careful not to cross the boundaries of ethics when monitoring someone’s activity anonymously.

There are some valid reasons, however, to check someone’s private Instagram profile.

Parents mostly like to keep a track of what their teenagers are doing and whom they are interacting with.

This is sometimes important to make sure the children are kept safe from the dangers of the online world. Here is where the private Instagram viewers come in.

The suggested apps can help track every detail on a private Instagram profile of someone.

They are all safe to use and helpful for people trying to keep a check on their children or verify if their spouse or partner is faithful.

They can also be used by businesses to collect information on the target audience or to monitor the competitors’ activities.

There are a few other ways to get access to private profiles on Instagram but they are not as efficient as these apps. 

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