How to Logout of All Devices on Instagram

Regardless of which of your devices you use Instagram on most of the time, you have the option to log into the platform via other devices. If you’re done so in the past and want to know how to log out of all of them at the same time, you need to log out of all devices on Instagram. 

Instagram is the most popular social media platform, and whether you use multiple devices to edit your content, view content, interact with followers, or allow your team members to have access from their devices, you may have your account open on many phones, tablets, etc. 

Or, perhaps you use public devices to log into your Instagram, or a friend’s device, and simply forgot to log out— you won’t have access to the device anymore to log out, so you’ll need to know how to logout of all devices on Instagram. 

After all, security is of prime importance, and you need to protect your account and make sure that no one steals it or abuses it. 

Every time you log into your Instagram account, the browser you used stores the cookies of your login details as well as temporary web files unless you log out of your account on that device intentionally. 

If you don’t, the Instagram account stays accessible and can be reached without re-entering the login details for access. When you log out of Instagram on all devices, there will be no chance of data abuse and your account will remain protected. 

Here are the best ways to logout of all devices on Instagram.  

How to Log Out of Instagram on All Devices 

One way that you can logout of Instagram on all devices is to change your password. All of the devices will lose access to Instagram and if the account is trying to be accessed again, the password will need to be re-entered. 

You won’t have to download any third-party apps or anything to help you log out of all devices on Instagram. 

While there are other services, such as Netflix, that have a “log out of all devices” option, Instagram still doesn’t to date. 

That means you’ll have to reset your password to keep your account secure and log out of Instagram on all devices. 

This is how you can reset your password on Instagram: 

  • You’ll see the Security menu option there, so visit that menu. 
  • The first option on the Settings menu is Password. Click on it.
  • This will open the section to change your password. 

Once you’re on the password screen, you’ll get instructions immediately to change your password: Your password must be more than six characters and include a combination of numbers, letters, and special characters (! $ @ %). 

There will then be a field for you to input your current password, and it also tells you the last date it was updated. 

The following two boxes will be for you to input your new desired password, and confirm that password. 

Once you’ve followed all of those steps, tap Save at the top right of your screen, and your password will effectively be changed. 

That means that all of your devices will remove access for Instagram and the new password will need to be entered if the device(s) want to continue access.  

Final Thoughts: Logging out of Instagram on All Devices 

As of now, there isn’t a single button that you can push which will log out of Instagram on all devices. Many online services and companies are now offering this feature, so it may be possible that Instagram adds it in the future to further protect the security of its users

Always make sure to log out of your Instagram account if you log into your account on a device that you don’t typically use. That can avoid the inconvenience of having to reset your password more than you’d like. 

Having to change your password can be a bit tedious, especially if you’re used to having the same password on your account for years. Even still, it’s always good to update your passwords every now and then, especially if you use the same one on multiple sites. 

If your password has been exposed in a data breach even on just one website, and you use the same password for many different accounts, you could easily suffer from hacking or invasion, causing issues for Instagram and other online accounts. 

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