Do Instagram Engagement Groups Work in 2022? A Full Breakdown + Alternatives

Instagram remains one of the most popular social media networks to ever grace the internet. Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has become a powerhouse for all things business, marketing, and more. Instagram engagement groups have become the latest trend on the platform.

With over 1 billion monthly active users, there’s no shortage of competition on Instagram, and whether you’re just getting started with your Instagram efforts or have been trying to build up your reputation through followers and engagement for years, you may have noticed that it’s not without its challenges. The best methods to get more followers and engagement on the platform are heavily debated. 

Instagram used to show posts to users in chronological order, but since they adjusted their algorithm, they now use a variety of different ranking signals to determine which posts are best for which users. If you don’t have a good performance against the Instagram algorithm, you may struggle to get your posts seen even by your followers, let alone by new users. 

Keeping up your engagement levels is one of the most important things you can do if you want to have a stronghold on the Instagram algorithm, and having consistent quantities of likes and comments on your posts will help you to get your content out to more users naturally. 

If you feel that your engagement has dropped off or have a hard time getting people to engage with your content, you may be wondering if there’s a simple and straightforward way to boost your results. Instagram engagement groups have become a popular solution, but what are they, and do they work? 

We’re going to give you the lowdown on Instagram engagement groups, how they work, where you can find them, as well as some Instagram engagement groups alternatives to give you the best chance of increasing your engagement and solidifying your reputation on Instagram. Let’s get started. 

What are Instagram engagement groups?

Instagram engagement groups can be defined as private group conversations with an exclusive amount of users. The typical number of users that participate in these conversations range from 15-20 users, but you may even find Instagram engagement groups that have a user count in the thousands. All of the people in the group have a common goal: engagement. 

Often referred to as engagement pods, the most popular among Instagram engagement groups are niche-specific groups, and they can meet the needs of any profile in any niche, from fashion to business to health and more. 

The premise of Instagram engagement groups is that the members in the group help each other by engaging with each other’s Instagram content according to the guidelines defined by the group, There are three basic types of engagements that are performed by group members: 

  • Like only: group members like each other’s Instagram posts, nothing more. 
  • Comment only: group members comment on each other’s posts, nothing more. 
  • Like and comment: group members both like and comment on each other’s posts. 

So far, Instagram engagement groups may sound like a great option. A bunch of like-minded people working together for the greater good’s Instagram performance? Where do I join? 

That’s the issue— they may not be as simple to join as one may think. Some Instagram engagement groups require payment to join, some are completely secret, and some have strict group rules that you must follow at all times. 

Group rules vary depending on the group; some may require that you click a certain number of members’ links and engage, and others might require you to engage with a set number of posts daily. These are examples, but there could be other engagement guidelines depending on the group. 

How to find Instagram engagement groups

Instagram engagement groups Reddit

One of the best places to find Instagram engagement groups is via your Instagram Explore page. You’ll be able to see content from accounts that are similar to yours. It’s advised to seek accounts that are related to yours with content that has high levels of engagement. This may be an indicator that the account partakes in Instagram engagement groups. 

Instagram typically isn’t the place to find an engagement pod though; most are located off of Instagram. You can take a look at the following communities in your attempt to find one that works for you: 

  • Reddit has a thread to direct people to Instagram engagement groups 
  • Facebook offers large groups that you can search through
  • Telegram has become a popular online cloud community for niche-specific Instagram engagement groups 
  • WhatsApp 
  • Twitter — search for related hashtags
  • Google 

How to join Instagram engagement groups

Once you find a few Instagram engagement groups that you may want to be a part of, you can attempt to join. Many of them are private or secret, so it can be a bit tough to get in, but the best way to try and do so is through DM (direct message). You can message an Instagram account in your niche that has high engagement levels and ask them if they know of any Instagram engagement groups or if they’re a part of one. 

If you get accepted to an engagement pod, you’ll be let into their Instagram DM Group. This is the most common way for the groups to communicate with each other. Sometimes, there are also Facebook groups or other platforms used to communicate amongst the group members. 

Instagram engagement groups Facebook search

List of Instagram engagement groups

While the most common Instagram engagement groups are the three we mentioned above (like only, comment only, like + comment), there are some other requirements or actions that the pods require. 

  • Time-limit groups: these Instagram engagement groups have a specific time constraint in which a user can drop their link/profile handles. The most common is 24 hours. You have to engage with members’ posts within that time frame or you may be booted. 
  • Dx groups: groups of this type are typically designated with a number, such as Dx15, or Dx20. You have to comment and like the last # links posted in the group if you want to join. If the group is a Dx20 group, for instance, you’ll need to like the last 20 links that were posted to the group. 
  • Post notification groups: Instagram engagement groups of this kind are typically based around a DM chat group that requires you to turn on notifications for all of the group members. Once a member posts something, all chat participants will get the notification and should go like and/or comment. 
Instagram engagement groups Instagram Follow/Like/Comment Pod

Free engagement groups on Instagram

If you’re not having much luck in your search for Instagram engagement groups or just want a little help to get started, check out the pods we’ve found for you in the following sections. 

It’s a best practice to join multiple Instagram engagement groups so that you can test them out and see which one gets you the most engagements. You can join a niche pod and a general pod to see which one delivers the most valuable results. 

Engagement Groups From Facebook:

Engagement Groups From Telegram

Engagement Groups From WhatsApp

Paid Instagram engagement groups

Keep in mind that some Instagram engagement groups are paid and some aren’t, it just varies. You may find a pod on Facebook or DM an Instagram account to find one that you really want to join, and then you discover that there’s a fee. 

Depending on what the fee is, you may be inclined to test it out and see if it’s worth your while. After all, if you see that it gets you great results and you have the budget, you may want to take advantage of it for the return on investment. 

If you don’t have any luck finding an Instagram engagement group that fits within your budget and/or delivers the results you’re looking for, we’ll cover some alternatives in the final section below. 

Are Instagram engagement groups worth it?

So far, we can see that it’s not incredibly easy to find the right Instagram engagement groups, which means that it may be tough to get involved in this method of boosting your IG engagement. There are a couple things to consider: 

  1. You need to network, search platforms, DM users, etc. if you want to find one
  2. The groups need to deliver results and be reliable
  3. Instagram engagement groups have specific rules and may require a fee to join
  4. You’ll need to follow the rules exactly if you want to remain in the group, taking time out of your day to like/comment and engage with other users. 
  5. Depending on your pod, you may be engaging with profiles that are completely outside of your niche. This may discredit the engagements you’re receiving and lead to questions from users that are viewing these likes and comments. 
  6. Some groups only give you a specific time allotment to complete all of the required engagements. 

There is definitely a particular method to Instagram engagement groups, and this may lead you to wonder if they’re really worth all of the hassle. This question has people divided to this day. 

For instance, a couple years ago, Buzzfeed and other sources reported that Facebook began to crack down on Instagram engagement groups and even shut them down. Facebook owns Instagram, and for that reason they wanted to ensure that people weren’t taking advantage of the Instagram algorithm and trying to fake it out. 

While the engagements you get from Instagram engagement groups are technically from real users, it’s all calculated and planned so that it looks like your engagement is natural to users, when in fact it’s fortified. Facebook didn’t want people to engage in these types of activities to bust the Instagram algorithm, and users of Instagram participating began to fear they’d be blocked or banned from the platform. 

Instagram and Facebook are increasingly watchful of what happens around their platform to protect the integrity of the user experience, so some users are wary of participating in these groups. 

That said, it doesn’t completely negate the value of Instagram engagement groups. You may find the perfect niche pod and start to build good relationships and real bonds with the users in the group. If that’s the case, and you feel that the engagement boost that you receive is authentic and beneficial, you may have just found the answer to your IG engagement woes. 

10 Engagement Group Alternatives

Not sold on the idea of Instagram engagement groups? Here are ten alternatives that can help you not only boost your Instagram engagement but also your follower count and reputation. 

1. Growthoid 

Instagram engagement groups alternative Growthoid

Known as the leader in Instagram growth, Growthoid will be able to connect you with your target audience and boost both your follower count and engagement through natural growth methods. With higher interest levels in your content and extended reach for your content through engagement, you’ll be able to reach more users in your target audience without the use of Instagram engagement groups. 

Using AI technology coupled with expert growth managers, you’ll have a campaign created for your Instagram interactions and start to see relevant followers and engagements pouring in. Growthoid can help you with all things Instagram growth, no doubt about it, and it requires no action on your part once you sign up and provide your targets. 

2. Growthsilo

Instagram engagement groups alternative Growthsilo

Growthsilo has been in the Instagram growth game for years now and has developed an organic Instagram growth service that helps to get your profile noticed by users in your target audience through engagements. 

With a variety of different engagements and targeting options, you can use Growthsilo in place of Instagram engagement groups to get more likes, comments, shares, saves, and more. All of the followers and engagements you gain through their service are completely authentic, so if you have awesome content offerings, you’ll see top results when you work with them. 

3. Ampya

Instagram engagement groups alternative Ampya

If you’re looking to get real Instagram followers and engagements organically without having to spend your own time engaging with other users on the platform, Ampya can help you. They provide real growth from real users and it’s incredibly easy to get set up and on the move. 

You’ll answer a few onboarding questions to get your service set up, and your dedicated account manager will then begin to work on your account, generating interest in your profile through targeted engagements. You can focus on other elements of your Instagram while Ampya does the rest.  

4. UseViral

Instagram engagement groups alternative UseViral

UseViral has worked for years to develop an extensive in-house network of users that will provide you with real Instagram likes, comments, views, and followers. You can boost your reputation when you work with UseViral and you don’t have to worry about engaging with any accounts or following any rules like you would with Instagram engagement groups. 

With affordable packages and an extremely easy startup process, UseViral will get your Instagram engagement moving in no time. 

5. SidesMedia  

Instagram engagement groups alternative SidesMedia

When you just can’t find any Instagram engagement groups that work with your niche, you may consider using a service like SidesMedia instead. SidesMedia works with any niche and you don’t have to worry about interacting with any users— SidesMedia takes care of it all. 

Working with network partners, SidesMedia will gain you real Instagram followers and engagements based on the packages that you select. With a quick turnaround time and years of experience, SidesMedia is a great alternative to Instagram engagement groups.

6. More Likes

More Likes is a service that is designed for Instagram engagements, specifically Instagram likes. They’ve revolutionized the way that Instagram auto-likes services work, and can offer you guaranteed engagements on all of your new posts when you contract their services. 

You can choose the amount of Instagram likes you want to gain per new post, and they will use their network partners to start providing them as soon as your content goes live. You’re covered for up to 4 IG posts daily, which is generous. They also offer other services for Instagram followers if you need help in that area as well. 

7. GetAFollower

GetAFollower can help you get 3x more engagement than the competitors and they work to provide you with real Instagram likes, followers, and views. They accept a wide range of payment options and offer affordable engagement and follower packages that can help you to increase your social proof and reputation on Instagram

8. Media Mister

One of the oldest Instagram growth providers in the industry, Media Mister has had years to tailor their Instagram services. You can get virtually any type of engagement for Instagram from Media Mister, and they offer safe and natural delivery times as well as a guarantee for all purchases. 

9. Mr. Insta 

Mr. Insta offers a service that’s similar to those of Instagram engagement groups; you can engage with and follow different accounts with the expectation that you’ll gain followers and likes as well. This is a free service, but it’s not as effective as the right IG engagement pod. It’s better to use Mr. Insta’s premium services as opposed to their free one if you want to see viable results. 

10. Nitreo

Our last alternative to Instagram engagement groups is Nitreo. Nitreo will take your niche and targeting instructions into account, seeking relevant users on Instagram and interacting with them on your behalf. With two flexible monthly plan options, Nitreo may be what you need to get higher engagement and an increased follower count on Instagram. 

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